Women Empowerment and Disruption with Arianny Celeste

The name Arianny Celeste is very popular in the UFC world. But don’t mistake her for your everyday ring girl. This multi-talented model, Tv show co-host, entrepreneur, and singer, has accomplished more than most women in the world have. But how does she do it?

I sat down with Arianny Celeste to discuss her journey to where she is today, as well as what keeps her empowered along the road. During our twenty-minute discussion, she shares so much advice for women entrepreneurs, that I wouldn’t be doing you justice trying to convert this video to a blog.

So, here’s a short preview of what she had to share with you.

 “Beauty is only skin deep. And if you want to be known for something besides that, you have to really apply yourself” – Arianny Celeste

Many women desire to succeed in their businesses, but very few of them do – Reason being, they don’t have the hunger and the desire to succeed. But Arianny has broken the barriers. She has proved to women that it’s possible to be both beautiful and successful.

I asked her to give some advice to women looking to break into entrepreneurship, and this is what she had to say.


Put yourself out there

“A million doors are going to shut, but you only need one door to open, to change your life.” – Arianny Celeste

Arianny says that if you want to be successful in business, then you have to be the best of the best. Do all that it takes to become the best in your art. She also emphasizes that making mistakes is part of the process. She says, “Go out there, make mistakes and learn from your mistakes.”

It’s about putting yourself out there. The more you knock on doors, the higher the chances that one of them will open up for you.


Listen to your gut

“Listen to your gut. You’ll know whether somebody has your best interest at heart, or not.” – Arianny Celeste

When it comes to business partnerships with men, many women don’t know how to discern if the partners have their best interests at heart. But Arianny advises women to use their ‘female instincts’ to see their intentions.

She further adds that it’s possible for women to succeed without involving themselves inappropriately with male partners.

According to her, you have to be very selective not just on the partners you do business with, but also with who you date. She says, “Once you can take care of yourself, find someone that can be your partner, be your friend, lift you when you’ve had a bad day, and actually support you.”


Stick to your goals

“Resolutions are a lazy thing that people do. You should have resolutions every month” – Arianny Celeste

Arianny believes that the key to growing your business is by sticking to your goals. So, instead of coming up with new resolutions, focus on your business plans until you achieve your goals.

She continues to say that working hard on her goals for her business is the only way she can come up with something amazing. Something that can sustain her in the long haul. And her hard work is what she believes, has allowed her to be where she is today.


Ignore your haters

“It’s a love-hate thing with social media, and you can get lost in it, or you can grow and learn and be inspired.” – Arianny Celeste

If people (haters) are coming at you, Arianny advises that you stay grounded. Do things that make you feel good like meditating, working out, yoga. She says that by obsessing over negative comments from people, you’re only crippling your mind and power.

She also says that if the haters are on social media, block them. Don’t let anyone steal the power of your mind. Instead, “Create different hobbies and things to do, that make you feel good.”


Final thoughts

“Your mind has to be just as strong as your body to keep going” – Arianny Celeste

The world needs more women in entrepreneurship, and Arianny Celeste is one inspiration that women, too, can succeed and thrive in business. Throughout the conversation, Arianny shows women that with passion, dedication, and hard work, you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

There’s so much more advice that Arianny shared, which I haven’t covered on this blog. And I don’t really want you to miss any of it. So, watch the episode on The Millionaire Student Show and get empowered!


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