Multi Platinum Award Winning Artist

What Sashin is doing with The Millionaire Student platform is making a bigger impact than he can imagine.


Motivational Speaker & Author

Young, dynamic and unstoppable. He is becoming the voice of Africa.


Brain, Memory & Speed Reading Expert

Sashin is wise beyond his years. He brings an electrifying wave of energy to the stage. Sashin is one of the best in the industry to shift your paradigm and take ownership of your mind. I have shared the stage with Sashin where we sold out an arena. He is a class act.


Entrepreneur, Author & Speaker

Sashin read the book Rich Dad Poor Dad when he was 17 years old, and today he has spoken on stage with Robert Kiyosaki in front of thousands in USA.


World-Renowned Specialist In Human Behavior, A Researcher, Author & Global Educator

I spent a weekend in Cape Town, South Africa in 2017 strategizing and sharpening Sashin’s skills so he could teach it from the stages of the world. Sashin has mastered the Law Of Attraction and shifting paradigms.


Known As The Wolf Of Wall Street, Author, Motivational Speaker & Former Stockbroker

Sashin is one of the best leaders, communicators, and closers in the direct sales industry. I was featured on his show, The Millionaire Student Show.


Entreprenur & Internet Personality

Internet Personalities & two of the greatest in digital marketing.


Rapper & Entrepreneur (From Los Angeles, California)

"Hanging out at the mansion with self-development coach Sashin Govender. Getting wiser and more successful. Make sure you follow him for positivity and wisdom!"


Entreprenur, Executive Producer, Cinematographer & CEO Of Soweto TV

“ A young brilliant South African entrepreneur and business development expert. When I met Sashin I couldn’t believe how one can be so young and successful, but this machine has been consistent since 2012. "


DJ & Record Producer

“ The voices of South Africa waving the flag globally. "


Post Malone’s Manager

Disrupting and innovating in the music space.


Entreprenur, Ph.D & CEO & Co-Founder at MentorBox

Two of the greatest disruptors in the entrepreneurial space.


Former Professional Bodybuilder & Author

I am impressed by what Sashin has achieved although I know this only the tip of the iceberg for him. I was honored to get interviewed on his show, The Millionaire Student Show.


American Rapper & Songwriter

Sashin is one of the youngest to do it, I invited him on my jet on the way to a stop on tour in USA. All I saw was hunger, hard work and success.


Founder Of Nootropics, Founder Of The Vaporizer & Net-Worth Of $350 Million at 16 Years Old

Sashin is a "boy wonder"! He is a hard worker and master of influence. He is a rock star in his home country. His energy is infectious and sure to spread to the rest of the world! I wish more young people would have his grit, positivity and drive!


Author, Accredited Executive Coach & Global Business Entrepreneur ( From Nairobi, Kenya )

“ Sashin is one of the few extraordinary people I have ever met! We met for the first time in 2013 when he was 19 years old at a Business Event and his presence in the room left a strong impression on me. I have had the pleasure of working and being mentored by him, building capacity for my business through his training and coaching thousands of independent entrepreneurs in Kenya, across Africa and beyond.
I have witnessed and admired Sashin over the last couple of years, as he made quantum leaps helping entrepreneurs grow their business within a record short period of time. His business prowess, online coaching, remarkable social media content, and charming demeanor has endeared many young and older people to him, inspiring and influencing thousands around the world to take action to change their lives. “


Entrepreneur & Full time Mother ( From Gaborone, Botswana )

“ I can't thank you enough Sashin, you came into my life at a time I was struggling financially. I got excited about your teaching and immediately implemented your skills.
I am excited now more than before and I am hooked. Your mentorship produces results. As a full-time mom, I needed to become self-employed to have both time and financial freedom.
Since I locked arms with The Millionaire Student, I have more Fun, Freedom & Fulfillment in my life. I now earn +- $5000 a month and my life are amazing.
I am extremely thankful and grateful I have met Sashin in this lifetime. I appreciate him and all he did for me and others. God bless him with wisdom and calmness. Love you for a life coach. “


Entrepreneur ( From Bucharest, Romania )

“ I heard the name, Sashin in 2014. Sashin was the reason my friend took a decision to take his business to the next level. I instead, had the pleasure to meet him in 2015 in the USA and what I saw was, never-ending desire, power, prosperity, ideas, kindness.
The last time The Millionaire Student came to Bucharest, Romania, he sold out an event where he worked on developing entrepreneurs and helped so many people become a better version of themselves, helped them before financially free.
I am better in my business and I am learning daily from his knowledge, wisdom and his energy is contagious. “


Entrepreneur ( From Cape Town, South Africa )

“ Coming from a sales and marketing background going to so-called sales training I thought I knew it all. I found myself in a position living paycheck to paycheck broke every month. My wife was pregnant and we barely paid the bills every month. Most importantly I had no direction in life.
I then got introduced to Sashin Govender’s coaching & mentorship by my best friend, he changed my entire mindset. At the time I was earning +- $800 per month with expenses of $1000.
Fast forward 4 years later, my wife and I have taken more vacations than in my first 29 years of existence, and my income has increased to +- $5000 per month.
I’m forever grateful to Sashin Govender for his mentorship.“


Banker & Entrepreneur ( From Kumasi, Ghana )

“ As someone who has an I.T background in the Banking Sector for over 12 years, I prayed for a mentor who could teach me the skills to spend quality time with my family and greater versatility while having fun.
Sashin’s mentorship provided these avenues and more. I never for once thought that I could dictate my own future, control my life and live the life I dreamt of while getting paid at the same time.
After applying Sashin’s skills & techniques I now have a secondary income of +- $3000 per month within my spare time.
Trust me Life is way better now. Thanks to Sashin for showing us that it is possible to achieve our dreams and make it a reality.“


Co Founder Of The RAT Pack - Retired At Twenties ( From Denver, USA )

“ I met Sashin Govender in 2012. When we met, I could already see the fire in his eyes, about making a huge impact in the world. In the span of 6 years, I watched him go from a kid to a business tycoon that has significantly impacted not just the African Continent but has inspired thousands of people across the globe through his work ethics & mentorship.
His leadership is unprecedented, he is one of the most tenacious people I know, and anyone who is partnered with Sashin in some way shape or form is going to be better off for it. Sashin is an incredible mentor, trainer, speaker, friend, and is taking over the entrepreneurship world by storm. We couldn’t be more blessed than to be partnered and working with such an amazing individual. “


Chartered Accountant & Entrepreneur ( From Harare, Zimbabwe )

“ I have been virtually and physically mentored by Sashin since 2012.
Through Sashin’s mentorship and coaching, I am a better person, I have capitalized on my weak points which were communication skills and delegating with my business partners.
I earned my first 7 Figures in a 3rd world country. I have also contributed to paying school fees for my children, my nephew and niece & I take care of my widowed mother in an economically challenged environment. I have also had the freedom to go to the Bahamas and Macau for the first time. “
I am blessed to be connected with Sashin. “


Professional Speaker, Entrepreneur & Spiritual Coach ( From Bucharest , Romania )

“ I see Sashin Govender as a Lighthouse for entrepreneurs around the world that want to evolve and live life in their own means, and not in the ones imposed by society. He has a mental and spiritual maturity way beyond his physical age and it was a joy to watch him evolve in the last few years and even get mentored by him.
In marketing and sales specifically, I feel he is a true innovator helping this industry make the transition to modern ways of development. Having so many achievements early in his 20's and already impacted thousands of lives touched by his presence and experience, his story is like an Oscar Movie where you want to see how the hero's journey continues.
Today I earn up to $50 000 per month and I have the time freedom and financial freedom to live life on my own terms. Thank you Sashin. “


Business Owner ( From Durban, South Africa )

“ I met Sashin in 2015. He is one of the hardest working entrepreneurs I’ve ever met. He is passionate about what he does and has the ability to push you to heights you never thought you could reach. He doesn’t only teach you but he shows you how you can achieve your goal. His leadership and mentorship are second to none. I can boldly say that he is one in a billion when it comes to coaching and mentorship.
I made my first 7 Figures in 4 years after executing his teachings. “


Speaker, Author, Million Dollar Club President’s Advisory Committee CEO ( From Los Angeles, USA )

“ Sashin Govender is a class act, a powerful transformative entrepreneur, and a one of a kind leader. Having generated over $80 million in sales in my company and having interacted with the best in the travel technology industry, I am so impressed to see someone like Sashin so committed to his mission, leading people, and continuing his transformation.
The Millionaire Student is young but has incredible wisdom and he is helping transform thousands around the world. He has generated some of the strongest results I have seen in entrepreneurship and is helping transform an entire industry with his coaching, ideas, companies, and generosity.
Sashin also has a huge heart. He always leads by caring for others and gives in big ways through his Bless It Forward Challenge, feeding thousands of homeless people around the world. It has been such a joy to work with him and I look forward to seeing him create more self-made millionaires through his mentorship because I know he will! “


Dental Hygienist ( Kingston, Jamaica )

“ I met Sashin Govender in 2014 and what I saw was a young kid that was hungry, ambitious, passionate and had a heart of gold. He always outworked everyone and he raised the bar, now he’s a global phenom.
Sashin has helped mentor me to grow my business to over 20,00O recurring customers through his virtual coaching on the internet and personal mentorship. Through his mentorship, I have grown one of the largest businesses in Jamaica that paid me 7 Figures.
From Jamaica and the Caribbean, thank you, my brother. Keep this guy close and listen to him, he has hands of gold and a mindset like no other.
The real Millionaire Student now the millionaire teacher. You’ll be happy and glad that you followed this guy! “


Entrepreneur (From Pretoria, South Africa)

From an introverted person in 2017, I now have grown into a person who has more confidence than ever.

Thanks to Sashin’s mentorship I have been able to launch my own gym line, paid off all my debt in 38 days since starting, fired my boss in 4.5 months. Fast forward, I have been able to start seeing the world and creating amazing memories with my husband and family. We now live a life of Fun, Freedom, and happiness!!"


Diamond Grader, Evaluator & Entrepreneur (From Johannesburg, South Africa)

After living abroad in Hong Kong, I came across Sashin Govender over social media and I knew then and there that there was something special about him.

I reached out to him, “ Sashin can you mentor and coach me? “ He replied, “ jump on a flight to South Africa, let us meet up. “

I thought he was crazy! I did it anyway, I went on faith and his word. Within a year I had basically doubled my full-time income residually and ended up moving back to South Africa.

In all my life I have never seen a person quite like him. He's the most focused, intelligent, hard & smartest working person I've ever met! It’s an honor and a privilege being mentored by Sashin. He has a heart of gold, he truly wears his heart on his sleeve and has helped me out in situations I could not see through."


Entrepreneur (From Durban, South Africa)

"I have had the pleasure of being mentored and coached by Sashin from 2015. As an entrepreneur for the last 15 years at very best, I was earning around $6000 per month running my businesses.
In 4 years with Sashin's guidance and coaching, I have been able to walk away from conventional business and generate a passive income of $24 000 per month.
I’m truly grateful for him teaching me the art of being laser-focused."


Chartered Accountant & Entrepreneur (From London, United Kingdom)

"Sashin Govender is in a league of his own. I have been virtually mentored by him for years. Sashin personally mentored and coached me in 2018, he is a servant leader and has created a coaching system that works very well for those that are willing to learn.

My business grew by 300% in 2018 as a result of working with him. I was stuck in one position for years, but in three months of working directly with him I started earning 5-6 Figures."


Entrepreneur (From Pretoria, South Africa)

"Coming from a professional sports background losing my dream and career due to injuries having no Plan B, over $10 000+ in debt and living with my wife’s parents, I knew that the right vehicle and association will provide the turnaround in life to go back from Zero to Hero.
2.5 years later being mentored by The Millionaire Student, Sashin Govender.
My life looks like this right now,
- Debt Free in 2 months.
- My business produces 7 Figures in profit yearly.
- Took 21 vacations in 2.5 years.
- Bought my dream car, Range Rover Velar 2019."


Entrepreneur (From Bucharest, Romania)

" I first met Sashin Govender in November 2014, I instantly got inspired by the fact that he had the lifestyle that I dreamt about! 5 years later, after being coached and mentored by Sashin, I have an amazing balance between financial freedom, time and a dream lifestyle! I’m blessed to be friends, business partners and I am honored to follow his advice and coaching! All my love and respect for this guy !"


Entrepreneur (From Montpellier, France)

"I met Sashin in 2015, I witnessed his growth like none other. The Millionaire Student is a true inspiration, a knowledge vacuum. The hardest working individual I have ever met in my entire life. I’m so proud to be associated and virtually mentored by him. I will always be in the first row watching him speak and learning how to build an empire."


Athlete & Entrepreneur (From Johannesburg, South Africa)

"In 2015 I was introduced to Sashin Govender life has never been the same!

When I met sashin I had absolutely nothing to my name, working in a gym taking care of my single mother. I didn't really know what to do with my life, being an athlete and not being able to compete because of financial difficulties. I was lost in life and felt hopeless.

I am so grateful for Sashin for mentoring me for the past 4 years, he has helped me turn my yearly salary at the gym into a monthly income. He has helped grow me as a person with more awareness about life, not only has he changed my life, but also my entire family through his self-development coaching."


Millionaire Real Estate Investor And Motivational Speaker In 5 Continents (From Singapore)

"Have you heard of Sashin Govender?

You should and you ought to learn from him! He is the perfect example of 'age is no barrier' in the world of business and success. Making my first million already in my twenties, but you need a mentor, and look no further, Sashin has coached me and hundreds of thousands to achieve their dreams."


Entrepreneur (From Accra, Ghana)

" In my time as an entrepreneur, I have met few people with depth, determination, desire and drive for excellence like Sashin. He does not only show you what to do, he does it to show you how it’s done. He’s a leader’s leader. He’s a true guru at personal development and mentorship. "


Professional speaker, best-selling author and host of The Johnny Show. (From Dallas, Texas)

I met Sashin Govender when he was 14 years young. Sashin was hungry, coachable, and passionate then and even more today! We have made millions together for several years now. Today Sashin and I are globally expanding and on track to having the most profitable season of our lives. His unique ability to be the student and the mentor simultaneously puts Sashin in a league of his own. The student has now become the teacher in many ways! Stay close to this Millionaire Student and Millionaire Creator, trust me. You will be glad you did! "


Produced in excess of $1 Billion in sales and Eight-time bestselling author. (From Dallas, Texas)

“Sashin Govender is the single hardest working leader I've worked within 24 years as an entrepreneur. I've seen him go from literally nothing, to earning millions and mentoring countless others to financial freedom. Sashin is a savant when it comes to leadership, sales, marketing, social media, and with his understanding of how to harness the mind to create massive results in life. He is also incredibly powerful as a speaker and has the ability to not only light up the stage with energy but to also impart golden nuggets of actionable tactics. Sashin is truly one of the most remarkable human beings I've ever had the pleasure of working with."


Entrepreneur (Durban, South Africa)

"In 2015 we were introduced to Sashin Govender who helped us believe in ourselves again. Sashin has taught us simple mind shift changes that have to lead us to think with Intension and focus daily. We have applied the principles and work ethic we have learned from Sashin and as a result, our Businesses have increased, our marriage is stronger than ever before, our relationship with our kids, friends, and family healthier.

Thank you, we are extremely Grateful for teaching us the value of Dominating our path with clear vision."


Entrepreneur (From Australia)

"I first met Sashin Govender in 2015 when he was 21 years old. I was blown away by how someone at such a tender age was making 7 Figures online. I wanted the same. I have modeled his success and now I earn up to $50 000 per month, traveling the world and building my business via social media.

I wanted more leads for my business as I had exhausted my contact list. Thanks to Sashin’s online strategies I have up to 30+ people a day reaching out to me via social media. I’m so blessed to be working with Sashin as this young dynamic guy is an enigma. He has helped increase sales in my business and massively changed the way I run my business and how to think like a WINNER."


Entrepreneur (Rustenburg, South Africa)

" Having followed Sashin's lead for 4 years, Sashin has mastered the art of online coaching and mentoring, he has impacted my life in a huge way since I met him the first time, throughout this journey I built a passive income that has allowed me to walk away from being a mine surveyor.
From earning $2000 per month to now more than $25 000 per month, our lives have truly changed "

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