The Mindset Of Soulja Boy Who Sold The Most Ringtones In The World

Soulja Boy is one of the biggest rappers in today’s generation. The ‘Crank That’ hitmaker is living his dream, owning a mansion, cars, businesses and clothing lines – the good life. But it hasn’t always been that easy for him. Soulja Boy has had to work his way to success.

On this episode, I had the chance to talk with this incredible producer and rapper who took the world by storm: Soulja Boy. During the twenty-five-minute conversation, I got to dissect his story and uncover the pain he had to go through to succeed.

Deciding to Be Rich – Soulja Boy

“In life, you have to make the decision of do you want to be poor, or do you want to be rich.” – Soulja Boy

Born and raised in the rough suburbs of Atlanta Georgia, Soulja boy has seized every opportunity he’s got, and today, he’s sold more ringtones than anyone else in the world. And although he didn’t go to college, he believes that college isn’t the only way to succeed.

He strongly believes that rising above your current situation and realizing your dreams is a decision you have to make. Here’s a sneak peek of what he had to say.


Decide to be rich

“Making money is not a joke. Making money is a lifestyle” – Soulja Boy

Soulja says that making the decision to be rich at an early age is the first step to being rich. And once you make this decision, you have to change your lifestyle and work towards it. 

He says that if you dream of being successful, and you believe that you can achieve those dreams, then you will become rich.  So, work with the end in mind, regardless of how bad a situation you are in.

Soulja goes on to say that you have to take yourself seriously, despite of what other people say. You need to believe in your ability and in your skills.

Do what you love

“Whatever it is you make your job, make sure it’s not a job, but make sure that it’s something that you enjoy doing.” – Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy believes that when you are young, do whatever you love doing. He says, “If you love painting, do it. If you love fashion, make a shirt. If you like video games make a video game.” He advises that you do something that you’d be willing to do it for free.

He agrees that if you’re passionate enough to do your work for free, then that’s when you’ll build your brand. That’s when people will start noticing you and paying you for your appearances.


There’s no secret to success

“There’s no secret ingredient. I don’t think there’s anything. It’s no trick; it’s just got to be in you, not on you.” – Soulja Boy

This was Soulja’s response when I asked him if there was any secret to success. And he says you have to know what you are doing, be ready for it, and be a great hustler.”

He believes that at the end of the day, what matters is your hard work, determination, focus and passion. He says, “You’ve got to be very serious. This is not a game; it’s a lifestyle.” And he believes that if you want to make money, you can make it, but you have to be willing to make the sacrifice.

Don’t let life pass you by

“Enjoy yourself. At the end of the day, you can’t take this money with you when you die.” – Soulja Boy

Soulja also says that once you start making money, don’t let life pass you by. He says that you need to find a way to balance your work and your personal life. Make time for your friends, get involved with your family and spend time with yourself.

He says, “Live every day like it’s your last.” And while you have money, enjoy it, and share it with the people close to you.


Final thoughts

“Make the most out of your situation with whatever you have and be happy. Don’t allow money to control your emotions or your life” – Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy’s journey is proof that you can come from poverty and still rise to fame and become rich. And the one thing that he makes clear is that “If you are poor, it’s your fault.” He believes that if you wake up and start working on your dreams, you’ll make it.

Soulja Boy shared so many insights for anyone struggling to become wealthy, and this short blog is but a drop in the sea, of the wisdom that he shared.

So, if you’re ready to transform your life and work on your level of grit and desire, watch this episode on The Millionaire Student Show.

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