Finding The Greatness Within You

I sat down with Les Brown who is one of the most sought after motivational speakers, in fact when you hear the words motivational speaking you hear his name. During the seventy-minute conversation we had, I dissected his Pain (Past), Price (Journey) and Prize (Result).

I wouldn’t do any justice in trying to convert this impactful podcast into a blog, so let me give you a sneak peak.

 Finding the Greatness Within You – Les Brown

“There’s a presence in all of us that I call greatness, that I call hunger, that’s transcendent, that gives us the power to handle and overcome anything that life throws at us” – Les Brown

These were among the first words that came from the mouth of prolific motivational speaker Les Brown, when describing greatness. And throughout my entire conversation with Les, the one thing that became clear was that finding greatness within yourself is an on-going process.

It’s a journey you have to face every morning you wake up.

From his childhood and background, Les Brown has proven that indeed, you can find and unleash the greatness trapped within you. Here’s the wisdom-packed advice Les Brown has for you:


Change your story

“How people live their lives is a result of the story they believe about themselves” – Les Brown.

Greatness starts with you. With how you view your story. So, you need to interrupt your current story. You need to dismantle your current belief systems, and start writing a new chapter of your life.

Don’t allow anyone’s opinion become your reality. Your circumstances right now don’t have to determine how you live your life. 

Just open up your mind and see the bigger picture, expand your vision and see all you can achieve.

When you change your story, you’ll be able to not only survive your challenges; you’ll rise above them, and become a force to reckon with.


Make yourself a better person

“You don’t get in life what you want, you get what you are” – Les Brown

You don’t have to prove anything to anyone. Instead, you need to focus on making yourself a better person. Set goals bigger than your comfort zone. Goals that challenge you. Because only in the pursuit of these goals, will you discover the part of you, you never knew existed.

Les brown further encourages you to develop a ritual. Read more books, listen to more motivational speakers, find content that fuels your dreams and goals.

As he puts it, “You are never too old to learn, and never too young to teach.”

Most importantly, don’t allow your fear of failure to outweigh your desire to succeed. Be a risk-taker; push your way to success, regardless of the obstacles on your way.


Be Hungry, Be Persistent!

“When you are hungry, you know your will, and your hunger has to be stronger than the forces that are trying to contain and oppress you” – Les Brown.

In order to discover your greatness, you need to have a strong mindset – a determination that your circumstance isn’t going to define your destiny. You need to find a way to rise above your situation, a way to move past your obstacles.

Les Brown acknowledges that the key to greatness is in persistence. He says, “Nothing can take the place of persistence, not even talent.”

So, chase your dreams with all the grit and persistence you’ve got. Don’t allow social beliefs and ideologies to govern your dreams. Take charge.

Being hungry means urgency. It means act now!

Therefore, don’t just watch as things happen, make things happen. Find a way to win!

Final thoughts

“Live each day as if it were your last, because one day, it will be.” – Les Brown

Finding the greatness within yourself is a decision. And it’s not impossible. It starts with you recreating the image of how you view yourself. What other people think about you is none of your business.

Your hunger and persistence are the only things that’ll keep you motivated and focused on the right path, in the right direction towards your dreams. So, don’t settle for less.

Remember, “People who are casual about their dreams will end up as casualties.”

Make sure you have enough writing material, you’re not distracted by the outer world, and I truly want you to be selfish in absorbing this information.

Watch this podcast on The Millionaire Student Show and find your greatness within you today.

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