Can You Really Earn A Fulltime Income Of YouTube? – Kristen Hanby

When talking about YouTube pranksters, the name Kristen Hanby is one you can’t fail to mention.  I had the chance to sit with this YouTube sensation, and during this discussion, I got to dissect his past, journey, and success.

His story is a big inspiration that success isn’t limited to academics – You can also make it with talent. Here’s a sneak peek of the value-packed discussion we had.

 Achieving Success with Talent – Kristen Hanby

“Getting joy and hate means that you’re doing something right” – Kristen Hanby

Kristen Hanby is a living testimony that you can leverage your talent and be successful. He’s managed to attract millions of followers on social media with his pranks, and now earns a decent amount from his art.

He says that although he wasn’t the best at his classwork, his passion and love for making videos drove him to the success he is today. But how did he make it?

Here’s what he said.

Ignore the haters

“People, no matter what, when they’re jealous, they’ll always have an opinion about you” – Kristen Hanby

When I asked Kristen how he deals with haters, he says, “I just ignore them.” He believes that regardless of what you do, haters will always be there. People will always have negative comments about what you are doing, and especially people who are close to you.

For him, the proverb, ‘Familiarity breeds contempt,’ is now more relevant than ever. But he says, that should not be the reason for you to give up.

Think long-term

“I can sell myself today, and earn a lot of money, but in two years I’ll be irrelevant.” – Kristen Hanby

According to Kristen, you need to have a long-term goal to succeed. He says that when the money starts coming in, it’s very easy to sell yourself for the short-term gain, but eventually, you’ll be irrelevant.

So, for him, the money will eventually come, but it shouldn’t be your ultimate goal. Have bigger goals, and enjoy the process.

When you have this in mind, you’ll not fall for anything that’s brought on your table. But rather, you’ll only promote products and deals that your brand represents. 

Be hungry for your goals

“I’m just hungry for that Tv show, and I want to be different” – Kristen Hanby

This was Kristen’s response when I asked him about his motivation to wake up and do his work. He says that he wants to try out everything while he’s still young. And he agrees that in the process of trying out new businesses, you’ll find out where your passion lies.

He also believes that when you’re hungry enough for your goals, you’ll not fear taking risks. And that’s how he’s been able to integrate his music to his work.

Be yourself

“I will never stop making videos. Not because of money, but just because of the idea of waking up and doing what I want to do.” – Kristen Hanby

Kristen believes that being yourself is the best way not only to enjoy your job, but also to keep going. He says that most YouTubers and influencers live different lives when they’re on camera and off-camera, and this gives them a reason to give up on their job.

But he says that when you are yourself at your job, then you’ll have no reason to quit it.


Final thoughts

“If you stand for nothing, you’ll fall for everything” – Sashin Govender

Using your talent to achieve success isn’t impossible, and Kristel Hanby is proof of this. Throughout our conversation, he reveals that to succeed with talent, you’ll have to have the passion – because only then, will you be able to convert your talent to a money-generating skill.

Kristen also shared with me a lot of his experiences that helped him grow in the industry. And so, this is just a taste of what’s in store for you in the entire video. We even did a prank!

So, if you’re looking to convert your talent into a source of income, Kristen’s story is one you want to hear. Watch this episode on The Millionaire Student Show, and get inspired to maximize on your talent!

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